12mm Hot Water Fittings & Pipes

Caravan Water Pipe Fittings

Looking to buy caravan water pipe fittings in Australia? Plenty River Plumbing offers an array of premium hot water pipe fittings for your motor home. Whether you are looking to buy replacement parts to fix a plumbing issue or a complete solution for a water system refit project, we assure you of high-quality products that will stand the test of time.

A plumbing issue in your RV can soon become a complex problem and turn messy. Make your job relatively easier by investing in good quality caravan water fittings.

Plenty River Plumbing manufactures caravan water pipe fittings which are made for use in confined spaces and can reduce installation time and effort by around 40% as compared to traditional fixing methods. What’s more? you don’t need any tools to install or demount these fittings, which makes the task of maneuvering in confined spaces or re-adjusting joints easier.

Bid goodbye to time-consuming and expensive caravan water fittings and invest in our practical, effective and affordable range of products. Whether you are working on a repair job or a new build, we offer a wide range of caravan hot water pipe fittings. Our wide range of brass and plastic water pipe fittings for your motorhome will make your job easy and effortless.

Whether you are looking to buy a 12mm WM Equal Elbow, 12mm WM Equal Joiner, 12mm WM Female Bent Tap Adaptor, 12mm WM Female Straight Tap Adaptor, 12mm Male Iron Adaptor or 12mm WM Stem Elbow, we offer them all.

Caravan Water Pipe Fittings that Ensure a Good Connection

What’s the mark of good quality water pipe fittings? They should offer a good fit. And when you are looking to make a connection in an RV, you need something that will make the entire job effortless and hassle-free.

All our motorhome water fittings assure you of a superlative fit with ease.

Here are some helpful pointers for using our pipe fittings:

Prepare the Pipe – Make sure the pipe end is free of any score marks. Use a tube cutting device to cut the pipe. You can avoid damaging the fitting by removing end burs from the tubing or pipe.

Twist and Fit – Ensure the fitting is in an unlocked position. This can be confirmed by a small gap between the body flange and the screw cap. Push the water pipe completely into the fitting until you hit the pipe stop. Once the pipe is secured in place, turn the twist lock cap to the locked position. Pull the pipe firmly to ensure it’s perfectly secure.

Disconnecting the Fitting – Screw back the screw caps to the unlocked position. Find collect square and push it either using a collect release tool or your fingers. With the collet in position, you can easily remove the pipe. You can use these fittings several times without replacement.

Order High-Quality Hot Water Pipe Fittings

Here at Plenty River Plumbing, we aim to make the job of finding good quality RV and camping products easy and effortless. Browse through our online store to find the RV pipe fitting that suits your needs the best. You can place your order online and we will deliver it to you in no time.

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