Caravan & RV Brass Fittings

Brass Water Fittings

Plenty River Plumbing offers a wide range of brass water and gas fittings for your caravan, motorhome, and RV. Whether you are looking for a replacement brass fitting or need something for a complete refit job, we assure you of superior quality water fittings.


Plumbing issues in a caravan must be heeded to at the earliest for they can turn messy in no time. Moreover, the confined space in a motor home doesn’t really make plumbing fun. Our brass fittings make installation easy and super quick. They are designed for caravans and assure you of quick, effortless fitting. And you can be sure of a watertight connection.


Whether you are looking to buy an A-Frame tap, brass check valve, brass elbow, brass joiners, brass reducing nipple, brass equal tees or flare brass elbow, we offer them all.

Why Invest in Brass Fittings for Your Caravan?

Brass plumbing fittings are one of the several different options you will find in the market. Brass is essentially an allow of zinc and copper. It has been used in plumbing works for ages. Brass fittings are one of the most effective plumbing fittings you will ever find.


When you are looking to install a water or a gas fitting in your caravan, you are looking for something that’s extremely durable, strong and will stand the test of time. And brass fittings offer all of that and more.

Here are some reasons why you should choose brass water and gas fittings for your caravan or motor home:

Durable – Brass is extremely durable, which makes it an ideal choice for plumbing jobs that require a tough, long-lasting material. Once you install a brass fitting in your caravan, it will retain its form for years to come. It will neither crack nor disintegrate. For hot water systems in your caravan, brass fittings from Plenty River Plumbing will last longer compared to any other material.


Versatile – Brass fittings are highly versatile, which gives them an edge over fittings made of any other material. You can find brass fittings in all shapes, sizes and widths. These caravan brass fittings can be used to alter the size of your pipe, which makes it easier to adapt the plumbing installation to precise specifications.


Withstands Extremely High Temperatures – Brass fittings boast excellent conductivity, which assures you of efficient hot water distribution in your caravan. Brass is known to withstand extremely high temperatures and provides excellent ductility in high temperatures.


Corrosion Resistant – Of all metal fittings, brass claims the highest resistance to corrosion. When it comes to living on the go, you may have to cope with water which has high corrosive properties. All our products are manufactured from DZR brass, which means there won’t be any scale build-up assuring you of a corrosion-free fitting. By installing brass fittings, you can ensure your water system will stay intact for years to come.

Buy High Quality Caravan Brass Fittings in Australia

Here at Plenty River Plumbing, we assure you of high quality gas and water brass fittings for your caravan. Explore our collection and place your order today.

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