Caravan Gas and Diesel Heaters

Caravan Gas and Diesel Heaters

Plenty River brings to you an exclusive collection of world-class Caravan diesel heaters. Enjoy the cosy warmth during the chilly winters of Australia. These caravan gas and diesel heaters will ensure that you have a warm cabin while you are on the road during winters. These heaters offer the perfect solution for complete independence on the road for all types of RVs including motor homes, caravans and camper trailers.


Here at Plenty River, we scoured the world to bring you some of the most effective, economical, and safest gas and diesel heaters for caravans. If you get the chills at the very thought of camping in the cold, simply install one of these high quality caravan heaters. Our collection features some of the world’s leading names in caravan heaters including Eberspacher, Truma and Webasto, all German brands that offer the best of German technology.

Webasto Diesel Heaters

Webasto diesel heaters are compact, super quiet and super efficient. Install them underfloor or in the caravan interior to stay warm and cosy on the road. These heaters take fuel from your caravan’s tank directly. No stress, no mess, and no fuss. These diesel heaters do not produce any odour and operate quietly.


Featuring an integrated altitude sensor, Webasto diesel heaters automatically adjust the air pressure to provide a cosy atmosphere while you are driving. These heaters are easy to install and offer up to 22 hours of heating from 1 gallon of diesel.

Truma Gas Heaters

Truma gas heaters make use of the gas that’s already on board to blow warm air inside your caravan. Install these heaters in any position anywhere in your motorhome and get ready for a cosy holiday on the road.


These lightweight, compact gas heaters consume minimal gas and electricity and assure you of long hours of operation. They can instantly heat up a room and are Australian Gas Association (AGA) approved.

Eberspacher Diesel Heaters

Eberspacher is yet another German brand that leads the way in caravan heating systems. Some of its features include low-noise operation, automatic room temperature control, low consumption, easy maintenance, and quiet night operation.


Eberspacher diesel heaters assure you of solid performance, excellent design and the latest technology. When you are looking to heat your caravan almost instantly, look no further than Eberspacher diesel heaters.

Hassle-Free Installation

Although these heaters can be installed by DIY technicians, we highly recommend hiring a professional installer for the best results. When you are installing a gas heater, you must have the gas line installed by a fully licensed gas fitter.


With a team of over 35 plumbers, we assure you of high quality workmanship. If you want to be sure that your caravan heating system is installed correctly and will work perfectly for a long time, chose to work with professional installers.


Should you need help choosing the right heating system for your caravan or motor home, contact us today. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer your questions and help you make an informed choice.

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