Caravan Gas & Electric Hot Water Systems

Caravan Gas Hot Water System

Plenty Rivers offers a selection of high quality caravan hot water systems in Australia. Whether you are looking to enjoy a steamy shower after a long day’s drive or you want to disinfect your dishes using hot water, you need a reliable caravan hot water system. Just like your home, your caravan must have one of these systems to assure you of an endless supply of hot water especially when you are travelling during winter.


Plenty River Plumbing has an array of caravan electric and gas hot water systems. Whether you are looking to upgrade or replace your current hot water system, you can find the right solution to meet your requirements.


We have carefully selected the most effective caravan hot water systems, gas and electric. No matter which of these products you choose, you are assured of an effective, economical and efficient hot water system.

Girard Endless Instant Hot Water Systems

The Endless Caravan Gas Hot Water System from Girard offers hot water instantly. These tankless water heaters help you save energy and offer you an endless supply of water at the press of a button.


Featuring sophisticated temperature sensor, electronic controller, modulating gas valve, flow switch and remote control, Girard Endless hot water systems are all you need for a quick supply of hot water when you are on the road.

Joolca Portable Caravan Gas Hot Water Systems

Joolca portable hot water units are made for life on the road. You are assured of an endless supply of hot water whether you are looking to take a shower or fill the kitchen sink.


Joolca portable hot water heaters are super easy to set up. Simply connect your BBQ gas bottle and you are all set to enjoy hot water in your caravan.

Suburban Hot Water Heaters

These hot water systems are another great option. Featuring a porcelain-lined steel tank, these heaters will stand the test of time. When properly maintained, Suburban tanks can last for several years so you won’t have to go look for a replacement every now and then. Suburban Hot Water Heaters are the best option when you are looking for compact, long-lasting and super-efficient hot water systems.

Swift Hot Water Systems

These hot water systems are Australian made and assure you of high temperature delivery every time. Available in electric, gas and dual fuel options, these are one of the best selling hot water systems for caravans.


Featuring a stainless steel tank and a patented design, these hot water systems are one of the best. The connection is completely set up outside. This means that if your heater leaks, you won’t have to worry about any mess as the leak happens outside the caravan, not inside.


Need help with installation? We also provide professional installation service through our qualified and fully certified technicians.

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