Fiberglass panels

Fiberglass panels


Elycold comes from the combination of polyester resin (orthophthalic and isophthalic) and glass fibre; over the years this composite material has replaced aluminium in the production of refrigeration panels for commercial vehicles, campers, caravans and motorhomes, providing manufacturers with excellent long-term technical resistance and UV protection.

Fiberglass panels are a great product because, unlike aluminium panels, they are easy and quick to repair. Elycold laminates have the polymerization process at ambient temperature in order to avoid the thermal shocks typical of the continuous product.

The result is a perfect flatness, which is an indispensable feature for the production of very high quality panels having very good quality aesthetic effects.

The best dimensional stability of the laminates is guaranteed by the use of fiberglass CHOPPED STRAND MAT which could be combined with WOVEN ROVING reinforcement to further improve the mechanical features of the laminate.

Low withdrawal gelcoat resins poor in styrene but with high resistance to ultraviolet rays, are considerably used to ensure: –

A perfect overlay of the underlying fiberglass

– Long-time surface durability

– Total impermeability and insulation protection inside the panel

– A low level of yellowing recorded by ageing tests performed with UV – CON

Technical Data:–

  • Thickness -1.6mm
  • Glass reinforcement – 6.00g/m2
  • Density – 1.40g/cm2
  • Weight – 2250g/m2
  • Glass Content – 27%
  • Hardness (UNI EN 59) – 40/45
  • Tensile resistance (UNI EN ISO 527-4/2/2) – Long Mpa-89 & Tranv Mpa –80
  • Tensile modulus(UNI EN ISO 527-4/2/2)–Long Mpa-7200 & Tranv Mpa –6400
  • Water Absorption —  <OR=1.0%
  • Styrene content — <OR=1.0%