PRC1 Water Filter Cartridge

PRC1 Water Filter Cartridge


The PRC1 Filter Cartridge is a replacement filter suitable for the PR100 caravan water filter system. This activated carbon filter helps reduce rust, dirt, chlorine, odour and taste to give you clean, healthy, tasty water when you are on the road.


When you are out travelling, you want access to high quality water. Most of the times, you may get access to untreated water. This will bring in bacteria into the porous carbon fibres, which will affect the taste and/or odour of the water.


This can be easily countered using the Plenty River PR100 caravan water filter system. The PRC1 Filter Cartridge features a silver activated carbon that prevents the growth of bacteria. In the presence of silver ions, bacteria are never able to colonise.

This ensures access to clean and pleasant-tasting water no matter the source of the water supply.
Benefits of Silver Carbon

Although carbon effectively removes taste and odour from water, it leaves behind microscopic metal compounds by way of minute dust/ash particles. These dust particles will become the breeding ground for bacteria, which will find nourishment from the nutrients in the insoluble ash and then find their way into the drinking water supply.

Silver activated carbon filters are known to eradicate the growth of dust/ash fed bacteria.
The Filtration Process

When a bacteria cell gets absorbed in the carbon’s structure, it will come in contact with silver ions. The sulphydryl group that’s present in the bacterial cell will react with the silver to produce a silver sulphur complex.


The complex will prevent the transfer of hydrogen to completely immobilise the respiratory activity of the bacteria. This will ensure that the bacterial cells cannot reproduce. They will die, reducing the chances of gastro illnesses that you can contract by ingesting bacteria.

When Should You Replace Your Caravan Water Filter Cartridge?

We highly recommend replacing your caravan water filter cartridge every 12 months. However, the actual life of your filter cartridge will depend on the quantity of water. So here are some signs to look for to decide whether it’s time to replace the water filter cartridge:


Look – If you find that the water is discoloured or if you notice things floating in water, it’s time to replace your filter cartridge.


Taste – If the water begins to smell or taste funny, it’s time for a filter replacement.


Flow – If the water flow from the filter is slowing down day after day, this could signal that the filter is clogged and that it needs to be changed.

PRC1 Caravan Water Filter Cartridge – Features

  • Provides filtration up to 5 microns
  • Easy to adapt
  • Easy to use
  • Contains silver stabilising carbon
  • Suitable for caravans, motorhomes, RVs and camper trailers.
  • Anti-bacterial properties

    Here at Plenty River Plumbing, we understand how important it is to have access to good quality water when you are on the move. No matter where you are in Australia, when you are looking for replacement water filter cartridges, order from our online store to have them delivered to you in no time.