Pressure Limiting Valve

Pressure Limiting Valve


Caravan pressure limiting valves help limit the main pressure of a caravan’s plumbing. They help protect against high pressure spikes, which can cause water damage.


Whether you are refitting your caravan’s water system or a replacement is in order, the Plenty River pressure limiting valve is what you need. Made from high quality brass, this premium valve will limit the pressure down to 350kpa as required by appliances like toilets and water heaters as well as caravan water pipe fittings.


If the caravan park you are parked at has a low pressure, the valve will remain in the open position. It will allow any pressure below 350kpa straight away without restricting it. That’s something most factory fitted caravan valves don’t offer.


The Plenty River pressure limiting valve is watermark approved and features a built-in check valve. We offer a one-year warranty on this product. Manufactured in Australia, this high quality pressure limiting valve is built to last and will stand the test of time. Install it right and you are all set.

Signs its Time to Replace Your Caravan Pressure Limiting Valve

Higher water pressure can severely damage your caravan’s plumbing system and even void the warranty on the plumbing fixtures. What’s more, your caravan’s water pressure is your responsibility. Here are some signs that indicate if the pressure limiting valve needs replacement.


Reducing Water Pressure – If the water pressure is not as strong it used to be, or you find a significant loss of pressure when using multiple fixtures, it’s a sign that your caravan’s pressure reducing valve might have gone bad.

No Pressure – If there’s no water pressure in the plumbing systems across your caravan both cold and hot, the valve needs to be replaced. If you find that the pressure on the cold water line is good but the one in the hot water line is messing up, this signals a problem with the water heater or the fitting itself.


Vibrating Noises – Do you notice vibrating or hammering noises in your caravan’s walls? This could be a result of multiple factors including a bad pressure limiting valve, toilets fill valves, faulty valves with loose washers, etc. The trick is to find the signs that indicate a pressure limiting valve failure. Find if the hammering noise is coming from the pressure limiting valve or does it occur when you use different fittings in your motorhome.


High Water Pressure – If the toilet, faucets or appliances in your caravan demand frequent repair, this is the result of high water pressure. A caravan pressure limiting valve is rated for a maximum working pressure of 350kpa. If you are receiving high pressure, perhaps the valve has gone bad.

Features of the Plenty River Pressure Limiting valve

  • 1-year warranty
  • Watermark approved
  • Suits pressure up to 2000kpa
  • Limits the pressure to 350kpa
  • Complies with AS1357.2 standards

  • Max Inlet Pressure: 2000kpa
  • Outlet Pressure: 350kpa
  • Max Temperature: 80°C
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 5cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 340g
  • Featuring ½ inch BSP threads