110 LTR - Fresh and Grey Water Storage Tanks

110 LTR – Fresh and Grey Water Storage Tanks


Caravan Fresh Water Tanks
Allow us to introduce you to the Nex Tank.

Designed by our caravan plumbing specialists after years of research, this tank has been designed for the Australian caravaner. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, this 110L caravan fresh water tank complies with Australian Standards. Made from food grade plastic and manufactured in Australia, these fresh and grey water tanks are perfect for storing potable water as well as grey water.

This 110L fresh and grey water tank is available in 3 distinct colours to meet Australian Standards:

  • Blue – complies with fresh water colour code
  • Purple – complies with grey water colour code
  • Grey – for storing fresh and grey water

Features of the Nex Tank from Plenty River Plumbing

Multiple Access Points – Featuring a connection point on all 4 sides positioned exactly 50mm from the top of the tank, this tank ensures that waste water falls into the tank without accumulating in the waste pipes. Multiple connection points allows that the tank to be placed closer to the appliance. This means less pipe beneath the vehicle, which also helps reduce the cost of installation and material. Furthermore, with minimal pipes exposed underneath the caravan, ther is a reduced risk of damage to the pipes while you are driving.


Enhanced Drainage – The Plenty Water Plumbing Fresh Water Tank boasts an innovative design that improves drainage. This happens because the drainage points hang low as a result of which every last drop of water gets out.


Easy Installation – Installing an electric pump to the tank is quite easy. Just mount your pump on the tank directly from the recessed corner with brass threaded inserts. Bid goodbye to remote mounting your pump. By installing it directly to your water tank, you can do away with the need for a lengthy hose connection to pump water.


Made in Australia – If these features aren’t enough, you would be glad to note that this 110L caravan fresh and grey water Nex Tank is made in Australia.

Benefits of Installing a Fresh and Grey Water Tank

Grey water is the waste water from sinks, showers, washing machines and other equipment in your caravan. This is different from what we know as black water, which is the waste from the toilet system in your RV.


By installing a fresh and grey water tank to your caravan, you can do away with the need to install two separate tanks – one for fresh water and another for grey water.


  • This grey and fresh water tank is all you will need.
  • You get to comply with the regulations in states that require you to manage your grey water by installing a grey water tank.
  • And you get to make a small contribution to the environment.
  • It is a convenient way to manage grey water instead of manually doing it.


  • Tank Dimensions: 1100mm x 470mm x 230mm
  • Colours: Purple, Blue or Grey
  • Poly/PVC fittings as necessary
  • Steel mounting brackets
  • Galvanized sheet metal stone guard
  • In-line filter kit