Caravan Gas & Water Certification and Compliance


Plenty River Plumbing offers reliable and professional caravan gas certificate across Australia. With a team of over 35 qualified plumbers and fitters, we carry out all work to meet the Australian Standards for Gas and Water Plumbing.


When you are out on the road, you are looking for a smooth drive and a complete peace of mind. A plumbing compliance certificate can help you travel safely while ensuring that you are complying with the regulations.


Get a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance


Before you can register your motor home for use, you must have a caravan gas certificate in place. A plumbing certificate of compliance affirms that the plumbing and gas in your caravan are safe, efficient and legal. If you own a caravan, motor home or an RV, you must ensure that all gas systems, gas regulators, fittings and other components comply with the Australian Standards.


Several motor homes, RVs and caravans that are manufactured overseas may not meet these regulations. Hence, you may need to consider replacements of parts with the parts that conform to Australian Standards in order to comply with the Australian regulations.


Why go through the pain of investing in code compliant spares and components? Because a non-compliant component in an RV could void your insurance, attract heavy penalty from the authorities and more importantly, puts you at risk of injury or loss of life.


Prevent all of that and stay safe with a caravan gas certificate from Plenty River Plumbing.


Certified Gas Safety Technicians


We are a fully licensed caravan gas safety inspecting service. Our safety technicians are fully qualified, accredited and have years of experience. When you need a reliable gas certificate for your caravan’s gas system, call Plenty River Plumbing.


We take the time to do a thorough job, pay attention to every little detail and get the job done correctly the first time to assure you of complete peace of mind.


Competitive Pricing


We assure you of competitive, transparent and reasonable pricing for our gas certification service. Here at Plenty River Plumbing, we understand that this certificate is not just about compliance. It’s also about safety.


That’s why we take up each certification job with the utmost commitment to safety.


Most caravans need a little work to ensure compliance. Our plumbers can carry out the necessary repair or fitment on the same day.


Make the gas certification process smoother by running all the appliances (stove, cooktop, fridge, griller) to ensure everything is working correctly for the inspection. If you notice that any appliance is not in working order, do let us know.


Professional and Prompt Call Outs


We take great pride in offering excellent customer care. From years of experience in the industry, we know that our customers want to start using their motorhome sooner than later. That’s why we get going at the earliest. Simply get in touch with us to book your plumbing compliance certificate and one of our specialists will visit you in no time.


Contact us today for professional, reliable and affordable caravan gas certificates in Australia.

A non-compliant component in an RV could result in heavy fines, void insurance, or worse, cause injury or loss of life.


Plenty River Plumbing’s team are able to carry out full compliance testing and certification of all RV gas and water systems and installations, provided they were installed by a licensed plumber and meet Australian Standards.


Contact us to discuss your requirements with our qualified experts.